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Learn to drive in our BAR certified, dual-control cars.


Office Locations in Anaheim, Claremont and Pasadena. Coming soon to Agoura Hills!


Licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles - Lic. #E2152.


Automatic or Manual Transmission Training.


New! Advanced Freeway Training Course.


New! Learn in Comfort. All of our cars feature powerful UV Sun Protection Systems.


New! Parent/Guardian ride-along. Be there in the car for the actual lesson.


New! DriveSmart Direct Text: After each driving lesson, an instructor texts you what you need to work on. Sent directly to your phone.


Always Private, 1 to 1 Lessons.

Online Teen Driver Education

  • Required for teens 15-17½.
  • Full 30 Hour California DMV approved course.
  • Good anywhere in the State of California.
  • Certificate mailed upon completion.
  • NEW! Gift Cards available.

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2 Hour Lesson

  • A single, 2 Hour Behind-the-Wheel lesson.
  • Adults or Teens.
  • Automatic and Manual Transmission cars.

Automatic $159

Manual $189

6 Hour Course

  • New! DriveSmart Direct Text: After each driving lesson, an instructor texts you what you need to work on. Sent directly to your phone.
  • DMV Approved 6-hour Behind-the-Wheel Course. Each lesson is 2 hours.
  • Exclusive Study Guides Included Free.
  • Detailed Student Report Card After Each Lesson.
  • Freeway Training Included!
  • Adults or Teens.
  • Automatic and Manual Transmission cars.


Advanced Freeway Training

Shockingly, many driving schools do NOT teach freeway driving at all. If they do, it’s usually very basic. A major reason for this is because the DMV does NOT test on the Freeway. Therefore, the freeway is dangerously overlooked. Taking this two-hour freeway training course is absolutely essential for safe driving. During this course, get helpful tips and all your driving errors recorded and sent to your phone. 2-hours of the most advanced freeway training. Highly recommended for any new or experienced driver. Get challenged with nearly every aspect of freeway driving.

  • Merging onto the freeway.
  • Changing lanes near high speed vehicles.
  • Defensive driving.
  • Accident prevention.
  • Identifying the most dangerous scenarios.
  • Exiting the freeway.
  • How to create a safe distance with other vehicles.
  • Understanding freeway signs.
  • Using the carpool lane.
  • Want to learn a certain route? Choose from School, Work, Home or anywhere else.


"Drive Like a Pro" Package

  • Everything you need to help you pass the first time and get your driver license.
  • New! DriveSmart Direct Text: After each driving lesson, an instructor texts you what you need to work on. Sent directly to your phone.
  • 13 hours total practice behind the wheel with a professional driving instructor.
  • Includes: (6) 2 hour lessons.
  • Extensive (2) hour freeway training.
  • We schedule and take you to your drivers test.
  • Also, (1) hour DMV TEST REVIEW 1-day before DMV drivers exam.
  • All DMV study guides and material included.
  • Highly recommended for passing your DMV road test.


Super Manual Transmission Training

  • Learn to drive in a 6 speed manual Corvette Z06. Perfect for those wanting to learn to control a modern, manual transmission car with tons of horsepower!
  • Getting behind the wheel of this super car is an experience you will never forget!
  • A lifelong memory to completing your drivers training.
  • Hours behind the wheel count towards DMV hours to get a drivers license.
  • All experience levels welcome.
  • An amazing gift whether you have a drivers license or not.

Manual - 2 Hours - $389

DMV Behind-the-Wheel Exam Car Rental to get a Drivers License.

  • Increase your chances of passing!
  • We'll strategically book your Drivers Test and take you to the DMV.
  • Learn the feel of the car you will use before your DMV test.
  • Our Exclusive DMV Test Simulation is the most unique, yet effective way to prepare for your test.
  • Unlike other schools, we get you prepared days before your actual test
  • Take our 1 Hour pre-test. Get all of your driving errors recorded and sent to your phone.
  • Study and correct your errors before your DMV test.
  • Avoid cramming trying to learn on the day of your exam!
  • Our teachers will give you extra study material to help you succeed.


1 Day Driving Course

Highly recommended for anyone that wants to get a driver license, ASAP.
Our "1 DAY" 8 Hour Driving Course is the most advanced "learn how to drive" crash course available.

  • Learn virtually everything about how to drive + pass your DMV behind the wheel examination.
  • Conveniently schedule this course on your day off of work or school.
  • Taught 1 on 1 by a top rated driving teacher.
  • You will learn virtually every driving maneuver, including:
    Steering Control. Turning, and Parking
    Changing Lanes, Traffic Lights, U Turns, Reversing, Parking Lots
    3 Point Turn, Freeway and Parallel Parking + MUCH MORE!
  • Includes 1 hour Freeway Training.
  • Includes 1 Hour DMV test simulation.
  • Lunch, organic snacks, water included.
  • Must be at least 18 yr old.



California DMV Approved

Driver Education is the first step for teens age 15-17½ to get their License.
Our full 30 hour Course is only $39.99
Good anywhere in California. Use with any DMV. Certificate mailed upon completion.

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Go at your own pace.


Start and Stop as often as you like.


DMV approved curriculum.


Available in the App Stores.


Gift Cards available!


“BEST DRIVING SCHOOL EVER!!!! This is my first time driving, I am 36 years old and a super nervous driver. The 1 Driving school team are so talented, courteous, and extremely patient. After 6 hours of driving i definitely feel more confident in my driving skills, and was not as nervous and relaxed while driving. They also gave good driving tips. You can definitely tell the 1 Driving school team is all about supporting you to be the best and safest driver possible. “

Stacy N. 

If I could give them 1000 stars I would. This driving school was the best fit for my daughter and I’m so glad I came across them. My daughter did the (3)  2 hours sessions for her driving requirements and her instructor was so kind and professional. She was so comfortable with him and I would recommend this company to anyone who needs any driving lessons.

Kamille M.

Never thought I would be able to drive after just 1 class!!! These guys are awesome!!!! Highly recommend them.

Paula E.

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Never settle for less. When it comes to quality of education, 1 Driving School is 2nd to none. Our exclusive DriveSmart Training Program has a highly successful 15 year proven track-record. We train to a higher standard while making the entire process easier and more enjoyable. Serving Fullerton and surrounding cities.

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