Parent-Teen Driver Course

duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

designed for parents and teens.


Parents-  Learn how to best practice driving with your teen.

Get tips, strategies, and professional advice.

Taught in-car by a professional driving school instructor.

For best results, complete this course before starting driving lessons.


in California, teens are required to practice driving for 50 hours with a legal parent or guardian.

Oftentimes, fulfilling this DMV requirement can be challenging.

Learning to drive can be stressful and dangerous- especially for an inexperienced teen driver.

In this course, Parents and Teens are taught how to best practice driving.

Both parent and teen will observe a professional driving teacher in a car – in order to get a full review of how to drive and practice.

Parents and Teens- are taught how to avoid potential dangers, accidents, or collisions that may occur when practicing.

In this course, you'll learn:

Learn how to best perform every driving maneuver.

Get taught how to practice driving according to the DMV Drive Test standards.

Learn how to improve teen driving skills.

Learn how to maximize driving lesson results.

Learn how to get the best possible results when practicing.

Learn how to avoid potential vehicle damage.

Learn how to prevent potential accidents or collisions.

Learn techniques to enhance driving skills, confidence, and safety.

Get taught how to drive safely and defensively.

Get taught how to best complete 50 hours of driving practice.


Teen-Parent Driver Course Benefits:

Help prevent damage, accidents, or collisions when practicing driving.

Improve teen driver training results.

Increase teen driver skill level.

Enhance defensive driving.

Make driving less stressful.

Increases chances of long-term driving success.


This course is recommended before the student driver’s first lesson.

We recommend this one-time course for all new drivers.


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