2 hours of advanced Freeway Training.

Recommended for new or experienced drivers.

Learn freeway driving on today’s public roads.


Gain confidence. Develop critical freeway driving skills.

Get challenged with nearly every aspect of freeway driving.

Taught by a 5-star rated driving school teacher.

Learn tips, strategies, and techniques on how to drive the freeway.

Get your driving errors recorded.

Re-listen to professional advice anytime before you drive the freeway.



Here’s what you’ll learn:

Identifying the most dangerous scenarios.

How to create a safe following distance.

Recognizing freeway signs.

How to best merge onto the freeway.

The best way to change lanes.

Changing lanes in traffic.

Changing lanes near high-speed vehicles.

Defensive driving.

Accident/Ticket prevention.

Exiting the freeway.

Using the carpool lane.

Want to learn a specific route? Choose driving from School, Work, Home, or anywhere else.


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