In – Classroom Tutoring

Schedule in Classroom Tutoring.
Monday thru Sunday
8 am- 7 pm.

We recommend getting private 1 v1 tutoring- with a top-rated driving instructor.

Get prepared BEFORE driving.

Get in-depth tutoring in different areas:

• How to Pass the DMV Written Exam
• Learn the Rules of the Road.
• Traffic Laws.
• How to Drive.
• How to Pass the DMV Driver’s Exam.
• How to Become a Safe Long-Term- Driver.
• Real Defensive Driving
• Accident Prevention.

Help relieve the pressure of learning how to drive.

Get better prepared to drive on public roads.

Get help passing the DMV examinations- the first time.

All experience levels are welcome.

Make an appointment to come visit our education center.

Appointments are available Monday thru Sunday.

1 day 2 hours- $ 199
3 days 6 hours- $ 499
6 days 12 hours- $ 899
15 days – 30 hours- $ 1899
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