2-Hour Advanced Defensive Driving Course

Learn super defensive driving.

Get challenged – in the most dangerous driving scenarios.


Recommended for:

Any Driver.

Especially Teens and Seniors.

Learn how to drive in the most dangerous driving conditions.

  • This advanced defensive driving course is designed to challenge the student driver.
  • We have selected the most dangerous situations where accidents most commonly occur.
  • Our defensive driving course is offered during rush hour traffic and when it’s getting dark- the most likely time to get into an accident or collision.
  • Taught by a professional driving school teacher.
  • Get a graded report card and a defensive driving score.
  • Session is 2-Hours.


Here's what we cover:

  • Dangers of yellow lights in intersections.
  • Dangers of double left/right turns.
  • How to identify potential accidents or collisions.
  • Dangers of the “suicide lane.”
  • How to avoid “cutting off “and endangering other drivers.
  • How to predict and avoid accidents in intersections.
  • Dangers of lane changes on the freeway.
  • How to avoid accidents in rush hour freeway traffic.
  • Driving in busy shopping centers.
  • Handling emergency freeway situations.
  • Learn to drive in busy four-way stop situations.
  • Left turn while yielding to oncoming traffic.
  • Learn how to use a  flashing yellow arrow.
  • Learn how to properly use yield signs.
  • Driving as it gets dark.
  • Lane positioning for defensive driving.
  • How to defensively scan mirrors.
  • Dangers of the carpool lane.
  • Driving on one way streets.
  • Get quizzed on right-of-way rules.
  • Proper following distance on freeways.
  • Heavy pedestrian areas.
  • Driving in roundabouts (if available.)
  • Driving/ changing lanes in Winding roads.
  • Learn critical controls in emergency situations.
  • 2-Hour Session.


Get a defensive driving score and a graded report card at the end of this course..

Professional instructors will record tips, strategies, and specific driving errors – to help you in future driving.

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