Master Teachers

What makes a great driving school?

We believe it’s the teachers.

One thing about driving schools....

Good driving school teachers are essential in society for the development of the next generation of drivers.

However, it’s extremely difficult to find super-competent highly qualified driving instructors.

Working as a driving instructor is very difficult. 

It’s stressful, scary, and very draining on the mind and body.

Imagine sitting in a car all day.

It’s extremely rare to be good at something that’s so physically and mentally draining. 

Patience, Instincts, Emotional Control, Energy, Awareness – and even more,  are required to become even a decent teacher.  

It’s truly an art.

At our school...

It’s extremely rare for a driving instructor to meet our qualifications.

Within 15 years, a few teachers have qualified to teach in our program.

We call them “Master” teachers.

Only Master Teachers are allowed to teach at 1 Driving School.

Their abilities of teaching can’t be duplicated.

They are one-of-a-kind.

Our teachers are truly rare.


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