Our driving instructors use the most effective teaching curriculum, PERIOD.

The ORIGINAL creators of the " DriveSmart Training System."

Unlike any other driving school, our proprietary system can help turn virtually any new driver into a pro, faster than ever before seen in the industry. 

The DRIVESMART training system teaches even the most complicated and stressful driving maneuvers – using simple easy-to-follow commands.

Using this system, our instructors are able to teach far more skills per hour, far beyond any “traditional” driving lesson.

We offer innovations not seen in the driving school industry.


  • The Most Advanced DMV Test Simulation.
  • Educational library to help you learn every detail. 
  • Advanced technology for all learning types.
  • Voice Recording Technology.
  • Audio Recording Technology.
  • Driving Errors, Data, and Feedback Sent Directly To Your Phone.
  • UV Heat Protection Technology.
  • Systems designed to improve your driving.
  • Luxury Sports Cars.
  • Fun and Adventure Courses.
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