DriveSmart 6 Month Program

Learn How to Drive.

Ages 15 and up


(1) 2-hour Professional driving lessons per week for 25 weeks.

50 Hours Total.

Fulfills DMV requirement.

Must bring Student I.D

  • Teens and Adults.
  • Get picked up from work, home or school. 
  • Start Driving Immediately. No Testing Required.
  • Upon Completion, receive a certificate of Completion of Behind-The-Wheel training, DL 400D. (required for DMV driver Exam. )
  • Times available Monday Thru Sunday.
  • Learn to drive up to 6 different cars.
  • Learn with Automatic, Stick Shift, and Electric vehicles.

Learn Driving at Your Own Pace:

 Develop driving skills sufficient for Longterm Driving Success.

Maximize Learning. Develop skills over a 25-week period. One, 2-hour lesson per week. 50 Hours Total.

Learn how to drive in hundreds of different driving scenarios.

Learn to perform every driving maneuver

Drive at various times of the day.


Vehicle Control



Driving in Business, Urban, and Resident Streets.

Lane Changes

Stop Signs

Parking Lots


Defensive Driving

Ticket Prevention

Choose between Automatic, Stick Shift, and Electric vehicles.

Or a combo of all 3.


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