In Classroom

Self-Paced Classroom Driver Education

$699 – 30 Hour Course.

Become eligible to get a DMV learner permit.

We believe most online driver ed. curriculum are outdated and often ineffective.

We recommend in-classroom driver education over the current trend of Online Driver Education.

We offer 30 hours of in-classroom Driver Education.

Our Classroom Driver Education course is taught by professional driving instructors, fully licensed and bonded with the State of California DMV.

Receive a Completion Certificate upon graduation, required to take the written test for the instruction permit.

Get one-on-one help to make this process easy.


  • Classroom based, not online.
  • Self-paced.
  • Get trained by a professional Driving Instructor.
  • Get fully prepared for the DMV Written Exam.
  • Learn critical details before driving a car.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum.
  • Interactive Discussions.
  • Legal and Safety Education.
  • Reduces Distractions.
  • Instructor Feedback.
  • Practice with Simulators (coming soon.)
  • Human Interaction Skills.
  • Superior understanding of Rules of the Road
  • Superior understanding of Traffic Laws.

All classes taught by California DMV Approved and Certified professional driving instructors.

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