DRIVE LIKE A PRO COURSE – Corvette Z06 (Stick Shift)




No driving experience required.

Teens and Adults. (Manual Transmission / Stick Shift)

  • DMV approved- 13 hours Behind the Wheel Training. (7 lessons)
  • Use our vehicle for your DMV Driver’s Exam
  • Learn how to drive and perform every driving maneuver.
  • Understand exactly how to pass your DMV driver exam.
  • Extensive (2) hour freeway training, included.
  • Included: Defensive driving,  Accident prevention, and Ticket prevention.
  • New! Driving Study Library: Get full access to Hundreds of educational videos.
  • DriveSmart Direct Text: After each driving lesson, an instructor texts you what you need to work on. Sent directly to your phone.
  • Get exclusive driving tips and your driving errors sent to your phone.
  • Report Cards included. Fix your errors
  • Approximately 70% of drivers pass and get licensed with this course.
  • Includes: Everything needed to learn how to drive and pass your DMV exam.
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