Group Lessons – Luxury Mercedes Benz¬-G Wagon

Learn to drive.
Comfort, Safety, Leg-Room, Luxury
Bring up to 4 friends or family members.

We offer group lessons. Enroll today.

Offered in a Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

Super Luxurious, Comfortable, with plenty of room.

We believe group lessons can be beneficial for students.

It’s often easier to learn the details of how to drive – as you’re observing others.

This course was designed to teach you how to drive, as well as to learn from others.

Learn how to drive and perform every driving manuever.

Complete DMV-required driver training.

Great for visual and auditory learners.

Food and snacks offered.

Reserve up to 4 friends.

Freeway training, included.

Watch and learn from your friends driving.

Get videos recorded. Share with others. Study other driver’s mistakes.

Each student is given 45 minutes of training time.

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