6 hour course

Tesla Model S Plaid

Choose your car:

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Echo

Tesla Model 3

Jeep Wrangler

Corvette Z06

Model S Plaid

Enroll for $199

Tesla Model S Plaid

$599 Home Pickup. $499 Walk-in. Or $199 to Enroll and Pay-as-you-Go.

Includes DMV required teen online course (Driver Education) to get your instruction permit.

Includes DMV Exam Car Rental - a $300 Value.

Incredibly Fun, Super Advanced, Quiet.

"Alien-like Technology."

  • Walk-in lesson provided from our Claremont and Pasadena Offices.
  • We recommend this course, if you will be able to practice what you learn in these lessons, with a legal passenger.
  • Complete Drivers Training in a $150,000 super-car.
  • Includes the use our car for your DMV Drive Test
  • Ask about Same-Day and Next-Day lessons for new students.
  • Fulfills DMV 6-hour requirement for Behind-the-Wheel training.
  • Drive the most advanced vehicle on the planet.
  • 5- Star safety.  One of the safest vehicles in production.
  • Must See to Believe.
  • Plaid mode turned off.
  • Receive a certificate of Completion of Behind-The-Wheel training, DL 400D
  • Become eligible to get a California Driver's License.
  • Detailed report cards are included after each lesson.
  • Serving Southern California with office locations in Agoura Hills, Claremont, Pasadena and Redlands
  • Get text messages on how to improve after each lesson.

Got questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll and schedule lessons?

Once you purchase a course, text or call us, to schedule your first lesson. Our friendly staff is here 7 days a week.

626-318-6704 Text
800-786-5630 Call

Where are lessons offered ?

Lessons are given from our offices and DMV locations.

What will I learn?

Learn how to perform every driving maneuver. 

Basic Freeway and Parallel parking , are included. 

Learn how to pass your DMV drivers exam. 

What else is included?

Exclusive Study Guides Included Free.

Detailed Student Report Card After Each Lesson.

Freeway Training Included.

New! DriveSmart Direct Text: After each driving lesson, an instructor texts you what you need to work on. Sent directly to your phone.

New! Driving Study Library: Get full access to Hundreds of educational videos. Everything you need to pass the DMV driver exam and become the best driver possible!

What do I get when i finish?

Certificate of Completion of Behind-The-Wheel training, DL 400D

If under 18, this certificate makes you eligible to take the behind the wheel drive test.

Please note, those 18 and older may request this certificate upon completion. Some insurance companies will give you an insurance discount with it.

What should i bring?

A DMV learners permit or a form of identification.

Can someone ride along the driving lesson ?

Absolutely. One other guest may ride along.

When am i eligible to take my driver exam - and get a license ?
Upon completion of this course. (if under 18) Also, 6 months from the day you received your DMV permit. If over 18, there’s no wait period. However, you will still need a learners permit
How should I prepare for this course?

When you enroll, you’ll get access to our driving school library w/ an extensive amount of educational resources to help you. Reviewing this information can be very helpful.

No driving experience is necessary to start this course.

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