Why every driver should learn how to drive stick-shift – especially teens.

As modern technology advances and vehicles are supposed to get easier to drive, why is driving on public roads more dangerous than ever?

As a driving school, we believe drivers are less engaged on the road than ever before. Especially, with the advancement of technology.

Cell phones, distracted driving, and new autopilot features are making drivers even less engaged in driving.

Since public roads are full of distracted drivers, we believe it’s critical, now more than ever, to be 100% engaged in driving.

One way to force yourself to be engaged in driving is – Learn how to drive a stick shift vehicle.

There are some benefits to driving a stick shift that you may have not considered.

As a driving school, we recommend learning how to drive a stick-shift vehicle- especially for teens.


Driving a manual “stick shift vehicle” forces you to be fully engaged in driving.

When driving a stick-shift vehicle, you have no choice but to be fully engaged. You’re forced to use every limb in your body to drive and control the vehicle.

With a stick shift, you’re taught that you must put in work to make the car function. You’re required to constantly shift gears, and use the clutch, while hands on the wheel and focusing on the road.

A new driver learning in a stick shift quickly learns that you better be engaged or something can go wrong. Maybe you’ll stall, maybe you’ll roll back, or maybe you’ll jerk the car.

Driving a stick-shift vehicle gives you a greater sense of responsibility as you drive.

From experience, we’ve seen new drivers who learn stick shift driving have a heightened sense of awareness on the road.

Stick shift driving requires proper coordination and quick reflexes.

Over time, valuable skills can be developed with the challenges of stick shift driving.

Learning how to multitask and drive a stick-shift vehicle can actually help you become a better defensive driver.

Your ability to sense and control speed improves because you need that skill for shifting gears in a stick shift.

Heightened reflexes can help you perform evasive maneuvers better in dangerous situations.

A teen learning the challenge of driving a stick shift will, over time, develop greater skills than a driver who hasn’t.

What’s nice is when you jump back into an automatic car- you’ll be more engaged and focused.

Driving an automatic vehicle becomes so much easier after you’ve learned to drive a stick shift.

Challenge yourself. Fully engage yourself in driving.


  • Forces full engagement in driving.

  • Can help enhance awareness on the road.

  • Reduces distracted driving.

  • Learn to control your speed by shifting gears.

  • When driving a stick shift, you’re forced to be engaged in driving. You’re required to use every limb as you drive.

  • Improves coordination and reflexes.

  • Can improve defensive driving.

  • Makes driving an automatic vehicle much easier.

  • Makes driving more fun and enjoyable.

We can teach you how to drive a stick shift vehicle if you live in Southern California.

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