Teen Driver
High School/College Program
14 Lessons.
10 hours of learning how to drive.
Learn to drive yourself to school, practice, work, and home.
Includes: Driver Education, Driver Training
Includes every DMV certificate required for driver’s license eligibility.

High School or College Students

Become an expert driving back and forth to and from school, home, work, or a necessary route you’ll be using.

Learn how to perform every driving maneuver.
Complete DMV-required driver training.
Prepare for your DMV driver’s exam.

Driving to school can be stressful and dangerous. Especially, when it comes to driving in heavy traffic conditions.
In this course, we’ll help teen drivers complete DMV driver training requirements- as well as learn how to drive to school, safely.

Get picked up from school, practice, work, or home- by a professional driving school teacher.

Learn how to drive in the most challenging scenarios- such as rush hour traffic, busy school zones, and high pedestrian areas.

Get comfortable driving the daily routes you’ll be taking.

Fulfill every DMV requirement to become eligible for a California driver’s License.

You'll Learn:

• How to perform every driving maneuver.
• Learn how to drive from home, school, practice, or work.
• Learn to drive in challenging conditions.
• Learn how to pass your DMV driver’s exam.
• Learn how to drive in busy school zone areas.
• Learn to drive in busy heavy traffic conditions with pedestrians.
• Learn California traffic laws and rules of the road.
• Learn to park in busy parking structures.
• Learn how to drive the freeway.


• 12 (30 ) minute driving lessons for a total of 6 hours.
• Also included: Before your driver’s exam. Take 2 (2) hour lessons.
• Total of 10 hours of driving.
• Fulfill DMV 6-hour driving requirement for a California Driver’s license.
• Fulfill 30 hours of online driver education.
• Complete every step required to become eligible to take your DMV driver’s exam.
• Includes all DMV certificates required to get a driver’s license.
• Pick up to 2 extra passengers.
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