I’m a new driver. What should I expect when attending a driving school in California?

Here’s a simplified guide on how driving schools work and what to expect- as well as what to look for before signing up.

Driving schools provide the services and courses needed to learn how to drive and take the DMV driver’s exam.

A good driving school can help you get a license- much faster than you learning how to drive on your own.

Any new driver who wants to get a California driver’s license must visit the DMV twice. Once for a written exam and another visit for a DMV behind-the-wheel exam.

Driving schools are used by teen, adult, and senior drivers to get a driver’s license or retain an existing license.

New Teen Drivers- Under 18

If you’re under 18 years old, you can use a driving school to complete two courses required to begin driving and get a California driver’s License.

Course 1. 30-Hour Driver Education.

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Course 2. 6 hours behind the wheel


In order to get licensed, teens must complete 30 Hour Driver Education and 6 hours behind the wheel with a driving school.

How to Start Driving with a Driving School.

This is how the signup process normally works.

Once you have your learner’s permit, you’re now ready to start driving.

Usually, you sign up with a driving school over the phone before you begin any lesson.

Assume you get 6 hours of driving. The school can schedule you 3 (2) hour lessons.

Then, a professional driving instructor will usually pick you up from work, home, or school.

Try to choose a school that will allow you to be picked up from multiple locations.

Driving lessons are usually done for ( 2) hours. Any time less than that, may not be so beneficial to the student’s learning.

If you’re under 18 years old, you’re not allowed to drive for more than 2 hours per day. If you’re over 18, you can drive as many hours per day as you like.

Teens- When to take your DMV drivers Exam.

Teens- 6 months from the day you get your DMV learner’s permit.

Once you complete 6 hours of driving at a driving school, you should receive a DMV certificate. that makes you eligible for the driver’s exam.

Teens who hold their DMV learner permit for 6 months and complete driver training at a school, may now take the DMV drivers exam.

To take the DMV driver exam, bring your DMV learners to permit, driving school certificate, current car registration, insurance, and a legal licensed passenger 21 years or older.

Driving schools also offer a service to take you to the DMV to help you pass your DMV drivers exam and get licensed.


Adults- DMV Driver Exam

Adults may take driving school immediately after learning how to drive and preparing for the driver’s exam. Adults are not required to hold their learner’s permit for any length of time. They can go for their license exam, immediately.

Must have a valid DMV learner’s permit.

Bring current car registration, insurance, and a legal licensed passenger 18 or older.

Driving schools also offer a service to take you to the DMV to help you pass your DMV drivers exam and get licensed.



The most important thing to consider…….

We believe driving schools are only as good as the driving school instructors they use.

Make sure to check for reviews.

Don’t just go with the cheapest school and think all driving schools are the same.

They are absolutely not.

We have heard of student drivers taking 10+ hours of driving at a school, and still not knowing how to drive.

The problem with driving schools is that they don’t use any set lesson plans.

They are not heavily monitored or regulated by the DMV.

Almost every driving instructor, for the most part, teaches using their own teaching methods.

There are no uniform lesson plans that all driving school follows. Each school operates independently from the other.

It’s not a good idea to think about just choosing the cheapest driving school.

Make sure schools are teaching you privately 1vs1 and NOT picking up other students. This is a common problem with driving schools.

Also, instructors often take long breaks or don’t really offer the student driver instructor. Watch out for this.

Make sure you are not always getting a different instructor each time.

Often, instructors will take long breaks. Driving should be done for 2 complete hours.

Make sure schools provide adequate study material to pass both the written test and the drivers exam.

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