How to drive a manual-transmission (stick shift) vehicle

We are one of the very few driving schools that offer ” stick shift training. ” We have over 45+ meeting locations where we train new and experienced drivers, around Southern California.

  • Learn how to drive a manual Jeep Wrangler, Corvette z06, or Toyota Echo.
  • Learn advanced stick shift driving skills.
  • No experience is required. Drivers of all skill levels are welcome.
  • We do NOT just drive around parking lots, like many other programs.

The most effective way to learn how to drive a stick shift vehicle is by enrolling in either a 2-hour course or a 6-hour course.

If you want just a basic understanding of manual driving, we recommend taking a 2-hour course.

If you are planning to purchase a stick shift vehicle or need thorough understanding, we recommend going with the 6-hour course.

Usually, you can finish these courses in as little as 1-3 days.

The benefit of taking stick shift lessons at a driving school is that all the liability is on the driving school.

Driving school insurance covers you, as well as any potential damage to the training vehicle you are learning on.

Also, every training vehicle comes equipped with dual brake pedals. So don’t worry if you make a mistake.

It’s a good idea to avoid learning on your own vehicle for potential damage or even risk of an accident- when you first start driving a stick shift.

We recommend taking a couple of stick shift driving hours consecutively.

This can actually not only help you learn quicker but also avoid having to pay for more lessons.

Try your best to avoid spacing out lessons too far, where you can forget what you learned in the previous lesson.

After you have taken a couple of classes and gained the skills and confidence you can now start driving your own manual vehicle.

There are a few courses we recommend.
You can either take a 2-hour course or a 6-hour course. Learn stick shift in a Toyota Echo.
6 hour course in an awesome JEEP WRANGLER. Going Off-Roading is also an option.
2 hour or 6 hour courses available to learn how to drive a stick shift in an extremely powerful car- the Chevy Corvette z06.

To schedule over the phone, contact (800) 786-5630 or text (626) 318-8704.

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When it comes to driving instruction, 1 Driving School is second to none. 5-Star rated instructors. Always private 1:1 lessons. Manual or Automatic. Gas or Electric.


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