Experience the Drag Strip – The place to speed legally in Los Angeles County.

Experience the Drag Strip
The place to speed legally in Los Angeles County.

Speeding on public streets is obviously a major problem. It has been for decades. Not only does speeding put the driver at risk, but it also puts every other driver on public roads in danger.

Speeding is the number one factor involving fatal accidents among teenagers.

Throughout the decades, there have been endless courses and programs created to teach about the dangers of speed – to both teen drivers and speed offenders.

Seemingly, these programs have failed throughout the decades.

No matter how many courses you can offer to drivers on the dangers of speeding, the problem continues to exist. We see it every day.

It’s very common for speed offenders to continue to speed throughout their driving career.

The rise in accident statistics proves that a significant percentage of the population continues to speed.

It seems as though natural curiosity and interest in speed and performance have and will always exist. Especially, as faster, more powerful, high-horsepower vehicles, continue to be developed year after year.

Seemingly, no matter how much you tell a driver not to speed- there is a natural instinct to do so anyway.

We believe this is why most of these programs designed to reduce speed on public roads have failed.

We see speeding every day on public roads, and it’s not just on the freeways.

We believe there is a unique solution to this problem.

Since many drivers on public roads continue to speed, why not allow them to do it legally?

Our driving school strongly advocates teaching safe and legal speeding.

  • The drag strip is a safe place to experience fun, adrenaline, and speed for drivers interested in speed and performance vehicles.
  • We recommend visiting the Irwindale drag strip- one of the last few remaining drag strips left in Los Angeles county.
  • Here you can bring your high-performance vehicle and experience speed in a legal and safe environment.
  • Exclusively, at our school, we offer a drag-strip experience unlike any other.
  • We get you behind the wheel of a 1020-horsepower electric supercar- the Tesla Model S Plaid.
  • This car was named the fastest-accelerating car in production. The plaid is literally faster than most million-dollar supercars.
  • If you haven’t heard of this vehicle yet, prepare to be blown away. The power and torque on this electric supercar is like going on the craziest rollercoaster at six flags.
  • It is much quicker than any gas-powered vehicle you’ve ever been in. Electric vehicles have instant torque.
  • This vehicle has the fastest 0-60 mph acceleration of any vehicle in production- in 1.9 seconds.
  • It’s almost guaranteed that you have not experienced speed and power like this before.
  • Experience cheetah stance, drag strip mode, and unmatched performance- in a Plaid, at the drag strip.
  • We strongly believe encouraging speeding in a safe environment can help reduce reckless driving and speeding on public roads.
  • Get your need for speed satisfied at the drag strip.
  • Learn how to speed legally in a safe environment.
  • Bring your friends, family, or loved ones.
  • Have a memorable experience of a lifetime.
  • This is an experience we recommend to all drivers.
  • Get behind the wheel of the vehicle named the fastest accelerating car in production.
  • Prepare to be literally blown away at the power, ridiculous G-Force, and adrenaline.

See you at the drag strip. Enroll in an experience today.


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