Get help passing required DMV examinations

We offer services to help you

Get a DMV learner’s permit and California Driver’s License.



– Teen, Adult, and Seniors

– Get help passing your DMV learner’s permit exam – and start driving immediately.

– A professional instructor will take you to the DMV. Get help activating your DMV learner permit.

– Immediately after your written exam, get behind the wheel for a 1-hour professional driving lesson.  (must pass exam. )

– A DMV learner permit allows you to practice driving with a legal passenger.

– All new drivers must have a DMV learners permit to schedule a DMV driving test.

– We’ll set up an appointment.

– On the day of your exam, get picked up and taken to the DMV for a written exam.

– If you pass, an instructor will sign off on your DMV learner permit. (if under 18 )

– Includes, 30 minutes of professional tutoring from a driving school teacher.

– Includes, 1 hour of behind-the-wheel driving time, if you pass. Get your DMV learner permit activated.

if not, we’ll take you again to re-test for half the price.

-We pay for DMV fees.


Teen, Adults, and Seniors

Get help passing your CALIFORNIA DRIVER’S LICENSE exam.

We’ll help guide you step by step on how to pass.

We’ll schedule your Drivers’ Exam and take you to the DMV to help you get a driver’s license.

Insurance is included.  Use our training vehicle.

Increase your chances of passing.   Get accompanied by a driving school professional to your exam.

We’ll schedule your DMV DRIVE TEST… We’ll prepare you and have you test in our training vehicle.

No insurance is required. No vehicle is required.

Just send a picture of your permit.  We’ll set up your DMV drive test appointment.

Get picked up on the day of your exam or meet us at the DMV.

We’ll teach you how to drive, according to DMV test standards.

Get 1 hour of DMV drive exam preparation.

Learn the feel of the car you will use before your DMV test.

Study and correct your errors before your DMV test.

Our professional driving instructors are experts at 20+ DMV locations.


100% PASS - Get a DMV Learners Permit and California Driver License - Guaranteed.

Stress-free option for a Parent or Guardian.  The driving school does all the work.

We’ll take you to all required DMV examinations – to help you get a driver’s license.

Unlimited DMV Examinations-  Keep testing until you pass.

This package includes all required courses and DMV certificates to get licensed.

Includes 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

30 hours of drivers education

A professional driving school teacher will take you to all DMV visits.

We’ll guide you step by step on what to do.

Get help passing the written test and driver exam.

Get professional training for both exams.

Unlimited Written / Drive Test attempts.

We pay for all DMV fees.

We work with you until we get you a California Driver’s License.


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