The Tesla Experience

“It’s like having a roller coaster on tap…It’ll blow your mind out of your skull.” -Elon Musk

Adventure: Tesla

Drive the world record breaking fastest accelerating car in production, our 2022 Tesla Model S PLAID!

Horsepower: 1,020
0-60 MPH: 1.99 seconds
0-150 MPH: 9.4 seconds
Top Speed: 200 MPH

“It doesn’t even make sense; there’s not a single car I’ve ever driven that’s even close to as makes other cars seem stupid.” -Joe Rogan

“I’m stunned how good it is.” -Jay Leno

Plaid Test Drive $499

1 hour w/Tesla Professional.
“The only place where you can test drive the Tesla Model S Plaid!”

Plaid Lessons $1499

Complete Driving School in style!
6-hours of DMV approved behind-the-wheel training. Recommended for anyone getting a License.

Road Test Car Rental $300

Use our amazing Tesla Model 3 for your DMV Road Test.

We  schedule everything for you and provide 1 hour of DMV  Test -Simulation and Review Training before your test.

Plaid Performance $699

Drive the quickest production car on earth at the Drag Strip.
Need adrenaline? We can do that.

Plaid Scenic Drive $899

Experience a scenic drive in a 2022 TESLA MODEL S PLAID
The Worlds Fastest Accelerating Car, Over 1,000 horsepower.
World record breaking Performance.

Self-Driving Course $499

Learn to use the most advanced driver assistance system available.
Using our 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid, you will learn how to conduct short and long distance trips fully self-automated.

“It’s a f***ing spaceship! It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever driven in my life! -Joe Rogan

“Now I got to buy one.” -Jay Leno (After Breaking the World Speed Record in a Model S Plaid, previously held by Bugatti Chiron.)

Adventure Tesla / Tesla Training Center is a division of 1 Driving School, Lic.# E2152,  with locations in Agoura Hills, Anaheim, Claremont and Pasadena.