Things to do in Los Angeles – Model S Plaid

California Drivers in Los Angeles County can now experience driving the Tesla Model S Plaid

“The only place where you can drive the Tesla Model S Plaid!”

Also, learn how to use the latest in full-self driving technology.

  • Driving the Tesla Model S Plaid is truly an experience of a lifetime.
  • This vehicle was named “The world record-breaking fastest accelerating car in production.”
  • Never before have you seen a family sedan that can comfortably seat four, but win virtually every race at the drag strip.
  • Anyone who has experienced this vehicle is literally blown away at its power – as well as its incredible features.
  • The Model S Plaid is also equipped with the most technologically advanced artificial intelligence system ever created.
  • Full Self Driving Capabilities allow you to reduce stress and fatigue when driving.
  • It’s a multi-dimensional vehicle like no other.
  • The Tesla Model S plaid is likely the quickest, yet safest car ever created.
  • Recently it was rated as one of the safest vehicles ever tested.
  • We believe this vehicle will blow your mind away.
  • Elon musk described it as having “alien-like” technology.
  • Joe Rogan said ” it doesn’t even make sense.”

We agree.

However, you are not able to test drive the Tesla Model S Plaid at Tesla Dealers.

Also, Tesla doesn’t allow you to try FULL-SELF DRIVING before you buy it. We are the first school to bring the Tesla Model S Plaid to the public. Come test drive the vehicle of the future.

Plaid Upgrades

  • Quickest accelerating car in production today
  • 0-60 mph: 1.99s
  • 1/4 mile: 9.23@155 mph trap speed
  • 1,020 horsepower
  • Three high performance motors with carbon-sleeved rotors
  • Torque vectoring

Never before seen features:

  • Experience the original yoke “jet fighter” steering wheel: A completely innovative advanced style racing steering wheel which offers amazing visibility and comfort.
  • Cheetah Stance Launch mode: A feature that lowers the front end suspension for insane maximum acceleration.
  • Track mode: A feature that adjusts settings for optimal speed and quickest lap times on the track.
  • Drag strip mode: Allows for 100% peak performance for unreal acceleration.
  • Stress-Free Driving: Learn the most advanced features that will help you automatically figure out the optimal route, how to navigate urban streets, complex intersections, and freeways.
  • Learn FULL self-driving: Learn how to conduct short and long distance trips fully self automated. Learn the features that can help you steer, accelerate and brake automatically. Active freeway guidance from on-ramp to off-ramp.
  • Auto lane changes: Automatically change lanes while driving on the highway!
  • Revolutionary Predictive Gear selector / Auto-shift features: This vehicle can choose the direction of travel on its own. Auto Shift taps into Tesla’s Autopilot cameras to determine if a vehicle should be in Drive, Neutral, Reverse, and Park.
  • Advanced Adaptive Air Suspension: Provides unbelievably comfortable ride quality.
  • Park Seek Mode: Your vehicle automatically searches for a spot and parks itself.
  • Smart Summon: Summon your vehicle back with a single tap of a button.
  • Auto-park: Parallel and perpendicular parking with a single touch.
  • Bio Weapon Defense Mode: This feature uses HEPA filters to provide hospital grade air filtration.
  • Advanced Noise-Canceling Technology: Microphones that minimize the amount of noise you hear on the road. Creates the ultimate, quiet drive.
  • Advanced UI using 17 inch cinematic touchscreen: Provide critical performance data, including a vehicle thermals monitor, lap timer, G-meter, dashcam video capture and vehicle telemetry.
  • Full entertainment system: An insane 22 speaker sound system delivers a home theater experience. Includes Playstation 5 level computing performance for internet, games and movies.
  • 12 Ultrasonic Sensors: Detects nearby cars, helps prevent potential collisions and assists with parking.
  • and MORE…

“I’m stunned how good it is.” – Jay Leno.

“It’s like having a roller coaster on tap…It’ll blow your mind out of your skull ” -Elon Musk

It’s a f*cking spaceship! It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever driven in my life! It doesn’t even make sense—there’s not a single car I’ve ever driven that’s even close to as makes other cars seem stupid.” – Joe Rogan

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