Teen Summer 2023 Program

Summer 2023 is finally here. Teenagers are getting out of the school for the year. This is the best time to start thinking about learning how to drive.

1 Driving school offers different summer programs that can help keep your teenager busy this summer and learn how to drive.

Every teenager must be at least 15 years old to enroll.

Even if you haven’t yet completed any driver’s education or visited the DMV – you can still start to enroll and begin driving with our school.

All that’s required is enrolling in one of our courses.

Our courses can last from 3 days, 7 days, or 13 days.

These courses are available to both Teen or Adult drivers

After setting your driving lesson appointments, a professional driving instructor will arrive at your house on the day of your appointment.

You will be asked to fill out an application.

Next, you will hop into the front seat of one of our school vehicles to begin driving.

Parents are also welcome to join.

No vehicle or insurance is required. You will be taught how to drive using our vehicle.

Each vehicle is equipped with dual controls. That means the driving instructor also has access to the gas and the brake pedal.

So, no worries if you make a mistake. The driving instructor sitting next to you can completely control the vehicle.

During lesson 1, you will be taught how to turn, according to the DMV test standards.

You will be taken to a residential street, away from busy traffic, and taught how to turn.

You’ll be taught how to turn both left and right.

The driving instructor will give the student driver full control of the vehicle.

Next, you will be taught how to park. You will be tested on this later when taking your behind-the-wheel driver’s exam.

In Lesson 2, you will be taught how to drive on the main streets.

This includes learning how every traffic light works, along with changing lanes, parking in a parking spot, U-turns, and parking in a parking spot.

Usually, every driving maneuver is taught in the second lesson.

Your driving instructor will give you study material to review to make learning how to drive easier with a parent

In Lesson 3, you’ll be taught how to pass your DMV driver’s exam, to get a California driver’s license.

Your driving errors are recorded so you can review your mistakes later on.

Also, usually by this lesson, you would be taught how to drive the freeway.

Upon completion of lesson 3, an instructor will give you a completion certificate for your behind-the-wheel lessons.

After holding a learner’s permit for 6 months and getting a completion certificate from a driving school, you may now be eligible to take your behind-the-wheel driver’s exam.

This is the last step needed to get a California Driver’s license.

Start today. Enroll in the Teen or Adult 3-day – 6-hour driving course. 

7 day course or 13 day course.

Sign Up Today. Learn with the best.

When it comes to driving instruction, 1 Driving School is second to none. 5-Star rated instructors. Always private 1:1 lessons. Manual or Automatic. Gas or Electric.


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