Scenic Drive Therapy
Amazing nature and scenic views.

Take a scenic drive in a supercar.

Enjoy nature- like never before.

Fun.  Adventure.  Adrenaline. 

Pick a Car….

TESLA MODEL S PLAID or   CORVETTE Z06  (stick shift.)

  • Get away from the city.  Relax.  Have fun.
  • Enjoy a scenic drive in the canyons.
  • Amazing gift for car lovers.
  • Enjoy a scenic drive in the vehicle named the fastest accelerating car in production.
  • Or Enjoy stick shift driving in a Corvette z06- up in the canyons.


Choose between several scenic routes…

  • Malibu Canyon
  • Topanga Canyons
  • Glendora Mountain Road
  • Mount Baldy
  • Angeles Crest Highway and more!!


  • The Worlds Fastest Accelerating Car
  • Over 1,000  horsepower.
  • World record breaking Perfromance
  • Out of this world technology and Luxury.
  • Experience the peace and quiet of the outdoors

 like you’ve never felt before.


  • Amazingly fun and adventurous drive.
  • Learn how to drive stick shift.
  • Adrenaline filled experience.
  • Our Corvette Z06 has tremendous torque and power.
  • Learn how to handle a very fast vehicle. 

Choose between 4 scenic routes

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