The best way to get your California Driver License – Fast.

The quickest way to get a California Drivers License – in 2 weeks or less
(Over 18)

Oftentimes, student drivers believe getting a California driver license is a long drawn-out process. Many believe the learning process takes several months to complete.

Learning how to drive and passing a DMV drivers exam does sound like a lot of work.

However, this does not have to be the case. Here’s a strategy we recommend for student drivers who want to quickly get a California Driver license.

First, get a DMV Instruction Permit. This can be done by visiting the local DMV and taking a written test. A DMV Instruction Permit will allow you to schedule your DMV drivers exam and practice driving outside of a driving school.

Get help passing your DMV written exam by reviewing the California DMV handbook online.

Also, a good way to study is to go on youtube and review many of the practice tests that are available. You may also take practice permit tests on a variety of different websites and apps.

Next, we recommend scheduling a DMV Approved 6-hour driving course with a driving school. This 6-hour course is the minimum amount of practice time we recommend to help you learn how to drive and perform every driving maneuver.

Here is our 6-hour training course:

When scheduling the lessons for this course, it’s important to schedule the lessons consecutively. In other words, try your best to avoid long gaps between each lesson.

Scheduling driving lessons consecutively allows you to develop far greater skills- than if you space out your driving lessons.

Next, try to practice driving immediately after completing the 6 hours of driver training at driving school.

You’ll want to make sure you continuously practice and apply what you learned behind the wheel at the driving school.

In the best-case scenario, try to practice each day until the time of your driving exam.

If you don’t have access to a vehicle, are unable to get enough driving practice, or have nobody to practice with- we recommend scheduling a DMV test review lesson a day or two before your driver exam.

This way you can be thoroughly tested on your driving skills by a professional driving instructor- before taking your DMV drivers test.

This strategy has been used and can help you get a California Driver License in 2 weeks or less – Even if you start with zero driving experience.

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