Virtual DMV Exam Prep. – 300 Minutes/5 Hours


Virtual DMV Exam Prep. – 300 Minutes/5 Hours



We can help you pass your DMV written exam or driver’s test.

We can help you get a brand new driver’s license or renew your existing one.Get 1 vs 1 professional tutoring, taught by a 5-star rated teacher.

Before your exam,  schedule  DMV exam review time-  for either your DMV written exam or DMV driver’s exam- or both.

Get professional 1 vs 1 tutoring on how to pass.

    • DMV exam review lessons are scheduled over a phone call or zoom meeting, with a professional.
    • Get strategies, tips, and tricks on how to pass- by a professional.
    • If you’re taking a written exam, get thoroughly quizzed.
    • If you’re taking a driving exam, get a walkthrough of the entire test.
    • Recorded audio is sent to you after each tutoring session.
    • Get your questions answered by a professional before your driving test/ written test.
    • Know what to expect before your exam.
    • Reduce exam point deductions.
    • Learn how to avoid automatically failing.
    • Increase your chances of passing.

Translation services are offered in Spanish and Mandarin.

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