In a rush? How to get your License in One day.

Are you in a rush to begin driving? Do you need a California Driver License, ASAP? Perhaps you’re worried that this whole process might take a long time.

We have a solution.

You’re now able to complete driver training and get licensed – in just ONE DAY.

We’ve created this course to help make the process of driving and getting licensed – easier than ever before.

If you live in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, or San Bernardino County – you’re able to take a 1-Day California Driver’s License Course.

With our new One-Day License course, you now have the chance to learn how to drive and get your California Driver License – all within the same day.

This One-Day course is exclusive to 1 Driving School. This course is not offered anywhere.

When learning to drive, get to choose between several cool training vehicles. No previous driving experience is required. No vehicle or auto insurance is required from the student driver. No practicing with family or friends is required.

Obviously, learning how to drive can be stressful. When it comes to learning how to drive, we often meet students unable to practice driving or don’t have access to a vehicle. 

Not to mention, practicing driving with friends, family, or a loved one – is not always possible.

Also, student drivers usually have busy work and school schedules which can make taking driving lessons both challenging and time consuming.

That’s why we’ve created this One-Day License course.

1 Driving School is exclusively offering this One-Day course to help you get a California Driver License. This course is unlike any other course at any driving school. Nobody else offers a course of its kind.

Completing this course, is the absolute fastest way to get your driver’s license, if you’re at least 18 years old. With this course, you now have the opportunity to complete all your behind the wheel training and take your DMV driver examination- on the same day.

This behind the wheel training course is taught for 7 hours by a professional 5-star rated driving instructor. We only select the highest rated driving instructors to teach this specific course. This gives you the best chances to passing your exam and getting licensed.

In order to get a California Driver’s License, you’re required to pass your behind the wheel driver exam. However, just in case you fail, we’ll let you use our vehicle for a second test attempt on a different day.

What we do first is set up your behind the wheel drive test at the DMV of your choice. Next, we’ll send you study material to help you review for your exam. Then we’ll set up a 7 hour training program right before your exam.

  • During the 7 hours of training, you will learn how to perform every driving maneuver. Get taught how to drive according to the DMV test standards. 
  • We’ll help you correct all your driving errors over a seven hour training period.
  • Get guided by a professional behind the wheel teacher each step of the way. During this 7 hour training course, learn how to perform every driving manuever that’s required for examination.
  • Once ready, your instructor will begin training you on how to pass your DMV drive test.
  • You’ll get taught exactly what is a minor or critical error on the drivers exam. Get pre-tested thoroughly by your driving school teacher.
  • Once training is complete, we take you straight into your DMV driver’s exam.
  • Get accompanied by your assigned driving instructor to your test – using the same vehicle you’ve trained with.
  • Don’t worry if you fail the first time. Get a second attempt to pass again with all your driving errors corrected.

This is the absolute fastest way to get a driver license if you’re an inexperienced driver in Southern California.

Must be at least 18 years old. Enroll today. Get your California Driver License – in record time.


Sign Up Today. Learn with the best.

When it comes to driving instruction, 1 Driving School is second to none. 5-Star rated instructors. Always private 1:1 lessons. Manual or Automatic. Gas or Electric. Even Exotics!


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