How to choose the right driving school – Part 1

Not all driving schools are created equal. In fact, almost no two driving schools operate the same way. There is a misconception that there is a uniform system that all driving schools use in order to teach people how to drive. However, there isn’t. Every driving school is independently operated, using their own teaching techniques, with little to no oversight.

In the driving school industry, the common model of how instructors teach is as follows:
Student drivers gets into the car with the instructor, and is told where to drive and what to do. Once the student makes a mistake, they are corrected. This is usually how driving schools teach. Traditional driving instructor usually act more like supervisors in the car, instead of actually ​teaching​ new drivers specific steps on how to drive.

A driving school with an actually training curriculum, that every driving instructor must follow, is much more effective way to teach. In this model, an instructor follows a set lesson plan and teaches every detail of how to drive to the student. They don’t just drive around aimlessly during the lesson. This model is focused 100% on detailed instruction with specific details given to guide the student during each step. This is real skills training.

The traditional model of teaching is not focused on specific skills training and mastering a specific maneuver. Instead an instructor drives all over the place practicing several things at once, without mastering any one specific maneuver. This is why so often a student driver will go to a driving school and will barely know how to drive, even after 3 or 4 classes.

Choosing the wrong driving school can end up costing you hundreds of dollars more because of needing extra lessons.

You must look for a driving school that uses a modern uniform training curriculum that every teacher uses. You need to be taught all the specific details of driving, and not just be supervised and given generic advice on how to drive.

End of Part 1

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