College and University students: Quickest way to get your Driver License

Here’s the quickest and most effective way to get a California Driver’s License if you live near Los Angeles County.

Driving and having a driver license can be critical for students attending college or university.

There are a number of reasons why students may need to get around campus or the city in which they live. It is common, however, for students to find it challenging to get a driver’s license.

Usually, out-of-state students have little to no help being able to practice driving. Finding a learning vehicle to drive and someone to practice with- can make things even harder. Also, living on campus can make it more difficult for students to own a vehicle.

We have a solution for College and University students.

We have created specific courses that can make it much easier for students to get a California Driver’s License.

These courses are recommended for students who will NOT be practicing driving- outside of a driving school.

Completing either one of these courses can help students get a California driver’s license.

Here are the 2 courses we recommend:

1. Drive like a Pro Course – In this course, you’ll receive 13 hours of expert behind-the-wheel training – taught by a driving school teacher. You will learn how to perform every driving maneuver, including freeway and parallel parking. Included in this training, are instructions on how to pass your driver’s license exam. After being prepared, the student driver then is able to use the driving school’s training vehicle for the license examination. When you are ready to take the exam, you’ll be accompanied by a teacher to your driver’s exam.

2. Guaranteed License Course – This course was created to help student drivers achieve long-term- driving success. It includes nearly double the driver training time than the course above. This course includes 25 hours of advanced driver training, with a professional teacher. In this course, you will learn how to master every driving maneuver, including advanced freeway training. Experience hours of behind-the-wheel time in various driving scenarios. This course offers unlimited DMV road test attempts. What this means is that the driving school takes you to your DMV driver exam- until you pass. Upon completion of this course, you will get a California driver’s license.

To get the best possible results – Here’s how to best schedule this training, once you have enrolled.

To start training, you’ll want to schedule a few driving lessons consecutively, in a couple of days.

In other words, don’t space out your driving lessons too far. Once you take a couple of classes in a row, you will now be developing driving skills quicker, than if you spaced out the lessons.

After a couple of days of consecutive driving, your driving teacher will schedule your driver’s exam.

Once you have the date set, you can schedule a few driving classes, in the week leading up to your exam.

Before your exam, students should drive a couple of more days consecutively, creating a rhythm, before taking the driver’s exam.

Strategically scheduling your driver training lessons will give you a much higher probability of passing your DMV driving exam, the first time.

This strategy works best if you are a student driver, with no access to a vehicle. Also, if you are NOT going to be practicing much, outside of a driving school.

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