Defensive Driving – A Modern Necessity

It’s 2023 in California-

Why learning advanced defensive driving is more CRITICAL than ever before.

Defensive driving is defined as the practice of predicting dangers on public roads.

The purpose of defensive driving is to teach strategies to help minimize risk and prevent accidents.

For decades, defensive driving has been preached in driver education courses and schools across the country.

We believe learning advanced defensive driving skills- is more important now than ever.

We believe public roads are so dangerous, that every driver is now required to drive defensively- more so than ever before in history.

We believe applying these skills can no longer be just an option in California.


With 100 % certainty, driving is now more dangerous in California than it’s ever been before.

California has hit record-high accident statistics in several categories which haven’t been seen in decades.

As you may already know, even normal driving in California is far more difficult and dangerous – than driving in other states.

California has almost always ranked in the top 3 states in terms of accidents and traffic deaths.

 We believe these are several reasons why:

  • For one, California has a much larger population than other states.
  • Millions of extra vehicles on the road create more traffic.
  • This in turn leads to more dangerous driving patterns- Such as distracted driving and aggressive driving.
  • Especially, during rush hour traffic.
  • Driving in congested high population-density cities puts you in danger- especially if you haven’t been trained to drive in such conditions.
  • Back in 2015, bill AB (60) was passed in California which allows undocumented immigrants to get licensed. This further added to millions of new drivers on public roads.

So you have millions upon millions of new drivers- which was not the case only 10 years ago. This is why traffic in California is so bad.

Another factor in the danger on public roads is the number of distracted drivers going up. Distracted driving and texting while driving are both record all-time highs.

Virtually every driver has at some point illegally used a cell phone while driving. Back in the day, you didn’t have everybody on their cell phones as they are driving. Also, there were nowhere near as many drivers on the road back then as there are now.

You are now having to dodge dangerous drivers on public roads on a daily basis. As traffic reaches an all-time high, accidents, aggressive driving, and distracted driving also begin to rise.

Driving is getting only more dangerous.

Get Challenged- Take an Advanced Defensive Driving Course.

The difficulty of driving in California is much higher due to many extra challenges. More traffic on public roads leads to more distracted and aggressive driving.

All these factors are a recipe for dangerous driving that’s putting virtually every driver at risk.

Often, new drivers or from out of state are used to much easier driving conditions, where accidents are less likely to occur.

Once you start driving in California, many drivers experience a whole new style of aggressive driving- which can be difficult to become accustomed to. Often, we see new and even experienced drivers who have not yet been thoroughly challenged have difficulties driving in California.

If you got your license in another state or maybe in a city that’s not as heavily populated as Los Angeles – be prepared to be challenged in your driving.

Instead of avoiding driving when it’s most dangerous- we believe every driver should be trained on how to drive during the most challenging conditions. We have created a course that challenges you in every aspect of driving.

Instead of scheduling a driving lesson when road conditions are easy, we recommend driving during the most difficult times. This will help prepare you for the real-life challenges of driving in dangerous highly populated cities.

Our advanced defensive driving course teaches you how to manage driving during the most dangerous times – rush hour traffic. This is when driving is most aggressive. This is the time that is most likely for a driver to get into an accident. Often, it can be other drivers who cause you to get into an accident.

Learn the details, tricks, and strategies you need to learn how to prevent accidents, collisions, and injuries on California roads.

We offer the most advanced defensive driving course in California.

Sign Up Today. Learn with the best.

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