Dealing with motorcycle lane-splitting while driving on the freeway


Driving on the freeway can be a daunting task, especially when you have to share the road with motorcycles. One common practice among motorcyclists is lane splitting, which can be nerve-wracking for drivers if they’re not used to it. Here are some tips on how to deal with lane splitting motorcycles while driving on the freeway.

Understanding Lane Splitting

Lane splitting, also known as lane filtering, is a practice where motorcyclists ride between lanes of slow-moving or stopped traffic. While it may seem dangerous, it’s legal in many places and can help reduce traffic congestion.

Stay Calm and Focused

The first step in dealing with lane splitting motorcycles is to stay calm. It’s easy to get startled when a motorcycle suddenly appears next to your vehicle, but remember that the motorcyclist is likely experienced in lane splitting.

Check Your Mirrors

Regularly checking your mirrors is crucial when driving on the freeway. This habit becomes even more important when there are lane splitting motorcycles. By keeping an eye on your mirrors, you can spot motorcycles before they reach your vehicle, giving you time to react if necessary.

Don’t Try to Block Motorcyclists

It’s important to respect all road users, including motorcyclists. If you see a motorcyclist lane splitting, don’t try to block them by moving your vehicle. This can be dangerous and is often illegal.

Use Your Indicators

Always use your indicators when changing lanes or merging. This gives motorcyclists a clear signal of your intentions, allowing them to react accordingly.


Sharing the road with lane splitting motorcycles can be challenging, but with a little understanding and patience, it’s perfectly manageable. Remember to stay calm, check your mirrors, respect other road users, and always signal your intentions.

We hope this helps you feel more confident and safe on the freeway. Drive safe!

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