What days and times should I schedule my driving lessons?

So you’ve signed up for driving lessons. It’s now time to schedule your first appointment. What is a good time to start?

Let’s assume you’ve scheduled 3 driving lessons for a total of 6 hours. This is usually the most popular option that students purchase with driving schools.

Scheduling driving lessons at the right times can not only make the process of learning how to drive easier, but it can even help you become a better driver.

Lets assume you’re a first time driver. When’s the best time to schedule your first driving lesson? For your first lesson, it’s a good idea to schedule the lesson when there is the least amount of traffic.

Usually, anywhere from 8 to 10 am is a good time frame.

Depending on where you live, this is usually when there’s the least amount of vehicles.

Ideally, you’ll want to go on the road the first time with the least amount of vehicles around you. Saturday and Sunday mornings are also a good choice for your first lesson.

Now, that you have already taken the first lesson and have a feeling for driving – it’s time to schedule the second lesson. For this lesson, we recommend challenging yourself more and more on the road.

It’s best to schedule this lesson at a busier time, when you can practice with some vehicles around.

We often have students who schedule lessons at easier, not so busy times, and then they might encounter problems later on. Especially, when driving in heavy traffic conditions.

When using a driving school, it’s best to challenge yourself as much as you can.

The driving instructors have access to vehicles equipped with brake pedals, so you can perform more maneuvers in risky driving conditions.

It’s best to driving during busier, more dangerous conditions with a driving school, instead of on your own.

Anytime from 11-2 pm is a good period to schedule the second lesson. There should be more vehicles on the road, than the first lesson.

For the third lesson, we recommend scheduling it around the same time of your actual DMV Drive Test Exam.

This is so you can get used to road conditions that will most likely be on your drive test. So first, contact the DMV and schedule a time and day for your behind the wheel driver’s exam.

Then, contact the driving school to set up your third lesson. We have seen students who take their final class at the same time of their DMV exam. have a higher chance of passing.

Again, this can help you get familiar with the road conditions that will be similar to your exam. There are often students who sign up for more than 3 driving lessons. In those cases, we recommend scheduling lessons during 3-5 pm.

This is usually the most difficult times to drive in California. It’s rush hour traffic and everyone is getting out of work. Driving during these times and getting challenged by a driving school, can greatly improve your driving later on.

Not enough students challenge themselves. Don’t be afraid of challenging yourself on the road, especially with a driving school.

Then, after you complete training, you’ll be prepared for the public roads. You’ll already have driven in the toughest road conditions. 

At 1 Driving School, we offer the most advanced defensive driving lessons.

  • This lesson is offered to cover the most challenging aspects of driving, that you should NOT learn on your own. 
  • This course is only offered during rush hour traffic.
  • We recommend every student driver take this course.
  • Learn to drive during the most dangerous driving times.
  • Challenge yourself to become the best driver possible.

Learn more about our Advanced Defensive Driving Course

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