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Senior Drivers – Get help passing your California dmv drive test and written exam.

As you get older, you may be required to be re-examined by the DMV. 

There are many different reasons why a senior may be asked to take a written exam or a driving test. Usually, it could be because of older age, health reasons, a driving incident, etc.

Going to the DMV for re-examinations can be a dreadful experience for any senior driver. It’s very likely that as a senior driver, you’ve been driving for decades with specific driving patterns and habits.

Now, you’ll be asked to change those driving habits and pass an exam. It’s very likely also that a senior driver hasn’t taken a driver exam or written test in years.

Oftentimes, a senior driver will go in for a re-examination and be blindsided at the DMV. Unfortunately, it’s common for drivers who have been driving for decades, to even fail the exam.

As a driving school, we hear about this occurring all the time.

Going to the DMV re-examination can feel like going back to school again.A small mistake can end up failing you on the exam. Something as little as not knowing where to look.

Don’t be worried. The DMV just wants to make sure you’re able to drive technically and by the book. Sometimes, failing an exam is not a reflection of poor driving habits.

t can be just a very small mistake that causes you to fail. The exam might even feel a bit critical and unfair. However, there is a way to pass these exams.

Are you a senior who needs help retaining a California Driver’s License? If so, we can help.


  • Our professionals are experts in helping you get or retain an existing driver license.
  • If you have failed an exam previously, make sure to save your test papers.
  • A professional will look over your previous exams.
  • We offer professional tutoring for seniors for any DMV exam.
  • We work closely with the Department of Motors vehicles and Driver’s Safety, with regard to re-examinations.
  • Whatever the reason for your re-examination – we can help.
  • Our team will help you get familiar with all the details of passing your DMV driver’s exam or written exam.

Get comfortable and fully prepared before going into your examination.

Know exactly what to expect.

We offer a virtual DMV examination for seniors, adults, and even teens. This course prepares you to pass a DMV learners permit exam or a driver’s exam. If you need help passing a DMV driver’s exam, we recommend starting off with a 2-hour course.

In this course, a professional instructor will observe your driving.

After completing the lesson, every driving error will get recorded and sent to your phone. You’ll know exactly what to work on before going in for your actual exam.

These are the two courses we recommend.

The 2-hour lesson helps you pass a driving exam and the virtual DMV exam review helps you pass a written test.

2-Hour Lesson Link

Virtual DMV Exam Prep

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