Master Driving Package – Jeep Wrangler Stick Shift




In this course, we work with you until we get you a driver license.

This is a Stick Shift (Manual Transmission) Vehicle


  • DMV Approved- 25-hours Behind-the-Wheel Training.
  • Upon completion, get a California Driver’s License- Guaranteed.
  • Stress-Free testing. Unlimited DMV Driver Test attempts.
  • Learn advanced driving and how to master every driving maneuver.
  • Advanced Freeway Training, included.
  • Advanced Defensive Driving, Ticket Prevention, and Accident Prevention included.
  • New! Driving Study Library: Get full access to Hundreds of educational videos. Everything you need to pass the DMV driver exam and become the best driver possible!
  • Includes 1 Driving Schools exclusive ‘DMV test simulation’ before your driver exam.
  • Get exclusive driving tips and your driving errors sent to your phone.
  • Exclusive Study Material Included.
  • Detailed Student Report Card provided.
  • Includes all Certificates needed for DMV Drive Test.
  • Learn exactly how to pass your DMV driving test and get licensed.
  • 100 % of drivers pass and get licensed with this course.
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