56-Hour Complete Course


We will contact you by text to schedule the lesson(s)



-=56 Hour Complete Course=-
6-12 month program
Ages 15 and up
*Offered ONLY at select locations*
We will contact you by text to schedule the lesson(s)

We help you fulfill every DMV requirement.
Outside of this course, no car or driving-practice required.
Go from beginner to highly skilled licensed California driver.
Long Term Safe Driving.
Defensive Driving, Accident Prevention, Ticket prevention.
Professional takes you to all DMV visits, driving lessons, and examinations.
No experience required.

  • This program was created to produce the best drivers – with skill levels far greater than the minimum licensing requirements.
  • Yes, we’ll help you complete every DMV requirement, pass every exam, and get a driver license. However, the main objective of this 6 month program – is to develop highly skilled drivers- capable of long-term driving success.
  • A professional teacher works with you 1 on 1 over a 6 -12 month period – to help you complete every DMV requirement.
  • Stress-Free option – Little to no parent involvement necessary.
  • “We do it all.” Get picked up for every DMV visit, driving lesson, and examination.
  • No DMV visits or driving practice required by parents, family, or friends.
  • This is an excellent option for busy parents, friends, or family who might be unable to practice alongside the student driver.
  • Get the real skills needed for long-term driving success.

Get the real skills needed for long-term driving success.

Recommended for:

  • Long-term Driving Success.
  • Long-term Accident Prevention, Defensive Driving, Ticket Prevention.
  • Parents, family, or friends with busy schedules.
  • New drivers unable to practice with parents, family, or friends.
  • Becoming a highly skilled licensed driver.
  • Get a DMV learners permit and California license.
  • Help completing every DMV requirement.

Whats included:

  • We help you fulfill every DMV requirement.
  • Every course required to go from beginner to driver license.
  • Schedule 50(1) hour supervised driving practices (10 hours must be night driving.)
  • 30 Hour Driver Education Online Course.
  • 6 hour driver training requirement.
  • Unlimited DMV written exam attempts.
  • Unlimited DMV drive test attempts.
  • Home Pick up / Drop off for every driving lesson, DMV appointment, examinations.
  • DMV vehicle exam rental.
  • Access to Driving School educational library.
  • Instructional videos and resources.
  • All DMV fees paid.
  • Includes, all DMV certifications, if necessary.
  • Drive from home to work, school, or a friends house.


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