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56+ Hour- Master Driving.

Drive every car.

Pass every Exam. Fulfill 56-hour DMV requirement.

Model S Plaid
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Echo
Tesla Model 3
Jeep Wrangler
Corvette Z06
No experience required.
No experience required.
No experience required.
No experience required.
No experience required.
No experience required.
Lifetime Driving Success
6-12 month program


Get the lifelong skills needed for driving success.

  • Ages 15 and up
  • Fulfill every DMV requirement.
  • We do it all.
  • Professional takes you to all DMV visits, driving lessons, and examinations.
  • Outside of this course, no vehicle,  insurance,  or driving practice is required to get licensed.
  • Learn how to become a highly skilled licensed driver.
  • Learn how to drive every vehicle type: Automatic, Electric,  and Stick shift. 
  • Option to drive up to 6 different vehicles – Including: Toyota Corolla, Toyota Echo, Tesla Model S, Corvette Z06, Jeep Wrangler, Tesla Model 3.
  • Education, Fun, and Adventure
  • Includes 4 extra courses- Self Driving, Off-Roading, Drag Strip Experience, and Scenic Drive

We include these 4 courses

Scenic Drive

Drag Strip

Jeep Off-road

A.I. Self Driving

This 6 -12 month program was created to produce the BEST possible drivers - with little to no involvement from parents, family, or friends.

  • Yes, we’ll help you complete every DMV requirement, pass every exam,  and get a California driver’s license.
  • However, the main objective of this program is to develop you into a highly skilled student driver- capable of long-term driving success.
  • A professional teacher works with you over a 6 -12 month period- to become the best possible driver.
  • “We do it all.” We take you to every DMV visit, driving lesson, and exam. Get help fulfilling every DMV requirement.
  • No DMV visits or driving practice is required by parents, family, or friends.
  • This is an excellent option for busy parents, friends, or family- unable to practice alongside the student driver.
  • Fulfill every  DMV requirement with this course.
  • Our 6-month program was designed to help student drivers develop far more skills than just the minimum DMV licensing requirements.
  • The goal is to develop students into highly skilled drivers = capable of preventing accidents or collisions, long term.


  • Longterm Driving Success
  • Develop into a highly skilled licensed driver.
  • Parents, family, or friends with busy schedules.
  • Students unable to practice with parents, family, or friends.
  • Long-term Accident Prevention, Defensive Driving, Ticket Prevention.
  • Get help passing every DMV examination.
  • Get a DMV learners permit and California license.
  • Get help completing every DMV requirement.
  • Education, Fun, and Adventure.

What's included:

  • Take lessons driving from school, practice, work, or a friend’s house.
  • Pick up/ Drop off for every driving lesson, DMV appointment, and examination.
  • We help you fulfill every DMV requirement.
  • Every course required to go from beginner to a highly skilled licensed driver.
  • 50(1) hour supervised driving practices (10 hours must be night driving) DMV requirement.
  • We recommend scheduling lessons twice a week for 6 months.  Then save the last 2 lessons near the driver’s exam.
  • Includes, additional 6  hours of Driver Training.  3(2) hour lessons. Driving school requirement.
  • 30 Hour Driver Education Online Course.
  • (4) extra courses..Self Driving Course, Off-roading, Drag Strip Experience, Scenic Drive.
  • Unlimited DMV written exam attempts.
  • Unlimited DMV drive test attempts.
  • DMV vehicle exam rental.
  • Access to Driving School educational library.
  • -nstructional videos and resources.
  •  All DMV fees paid.
  • Includes, all DMV certifications, if necessary.
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