Get a California DMV Learner’s Permit + Unlimited DMV Permit Exam attempts

6-Hour Course

Want to start driving?

We can help you get a California DMV Learners Permit (Instruction Permit.)

In this course, get one-on-one professional tutoring by a driving instructor.

Get taught how to pass the DMV examination.

Once ready, take the test at our driving school or local DMV.

When you have a DMV learners permit, you become eligible to practice driving.

With a learners permit, you can become eligible to schedule a DMV driver exam. to get a California Driver License.

Regardless of your age, all new drivers must get a California DMV learners permit before applying for a driver license.


  • 2 hours of Exam Prep.
  • Skip the DMV and the lines for testing, take the test at our school!
  • Get tested in a quiet relaxed environment.
  • 30 hours of Online Driver Education. (if necessary)
  • Written Test Examination.
  • Unlimited Exam Attempts.
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